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Navigating eNavvi

Effortlessly key in your medication's name in our user-friendly interface.

Enter your practice's zip code to get region-specific results.

Choose your patient's insurance plan from our comprehensive list.

Access coverage details and explore potential medication alternatives, including cost-effective cash price options.

Make informed prescription decisions, ensuring your patients' well-being.

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Features that’s matter to Physicians

Our tool enables real-time cost comparisons between insurance and cash prices, guiding physicians to the most financially viable prescriptions for patients.

eNavvi provides instant access to prior authorization requirements, step therapy protocols, and drug costs, eliminating lengthy research and boosting efficiency.

Increase patient satisfaction through prescription cost transparency, potentially reducing their expenses, building trust, and improving medication adherence.

Designed by physicians for physicians, eNavvi seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, simplifying your practice while enhancing decision-making efficiency.

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Explore Cash Price Options with eNavvi

At eNavvi, we integrate real-time cash price data into our search platform, enabling you to offer more cost-effective prescriptions to your patients. This tool, combined with your expertise, promotes affordable and efficient patient care. Discover the value of cash price, learn more about its importance, and meet our cash price pharmacy partners here.

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Common questions

Frequently asked questions

Yes, in order to change a prescription that has been previously sent have your provider call 833-926-3384.

The drugs that are available on cost plus can be found at

At the moment, we support Cost Plus and Blueberry Pharmacy.

The price of drugs can vary depending on a given insurance provider and formulary coverage. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay the out-of-pocket cash price, rather than using insurance and associated copay.

ENavvi doesn’t support sending prescriptions through our platform yet, but by clicking the link to our partners one can find the medications and instruction to prescribe. Specific instructions to prescribe can be found on our FAQs here.

Prescribing via Cost Plus is similar to any other pharmacy that your provider regularly usese. Your provider can either call, fax or send your prescription to Cost Plus.